“The Bus” comic written with Muni in mind?


I often am pegged/accused of being obsessed with public transit. I always try to dismiss such silliness. I tell people, “Running Muni Diaries, I meet people who really are obsessed. Like, you have no idea.”

I’m gonna go ahead and say that Paul Kirschner is one of those people. He writes and draws the comic strip The Bus, and it’s pretty nifty. We can all relate to most of the oddities in the strips.

Check it out for more gems like this one:


I mean, right?

h/t: Bhautik


  • One of the better strips from HEAVY METAL if I’m remembering correctly.

  • Dexter Wong

    I remember that Paul Kirchner’s The Bus appeared in Heavy Metal and Bus World magazines some years ago. He even did a strip on life, death and reincarnation using a bus. A brand new bus appears with the sign “Express,” then as time goes by the bus appears worn with the sign “Local,” then it is scrapped and rebuilt into a new bus.

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