Seven remarkable things seen and heard on Muni

Photo by torbakhopper

And now, in no specific order, we bring you the seven most interesting things to happen on Muni this past week …

  1. teen on bus blasting music w/out earphones, smoking an e-cigarette was the ONLY person offer my pregnant wife a seat.
  2. Is it fleet week or is dude just wearing a hipster navy uniform? #sfmuni
  3. Hey lady rolling a joint on the NJudah, your weed is oregano. #rippedoff
  4. On the 29 with a girl holding a bag of live crickets. #nope #munidiaries
  5. Crazy yelling #sfmuni guy “My enemy is my enema! Guys, guys, I need all your blood! To inject it in my eyes!”
  6. This kid on the 14 is a true San Franciscan, complaining abt nice weather in Jan. “It could at least be cloudy” #sfmuni
  7. To the man thrusting his crotch into me, it’s too early for that kind of action. #munidiaries

This week’s Things on Muni was brought to you by the lovely @theEddieH, @thisbeazy, @pinkopaque22, @e_gadd, @heidi, @tarintowers, and @ShireeScarlet. What Muni story do you have to share? Do it @munidiaries.

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