More features of new BART trains unveiled

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BART let out some more details of what their new trains, due to arrive on the tracks in 2017, will look like. Take a peak. Neat stuff here.



During initial customer feedback sessions, riders indicated cleanliness is a top priority. BART is currently replacing seat covers on the existing train cars with a non-porous, wipeable seat material that is easy to keep clean. This type of seat material has received a positive response among riders, so will continue to be used in the new train cars.

Read more about the BART’s new vinyl seats.

In addition, the new seats are almost 50% lighter than the current seats, which will save energy over the life of the vehicle. The new seats are fully modular, allowing for seat reconfiguration which will enable the vehicle to evolve with future rider needs. The seats use longer lasting silicone cushions that will improve life cycle sustainability. Also, the seats provide one-inch more legroom than the seats on the old trains.

Go to BART’s website for further details. And let us know what you think!

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