5 Flavors of Muni

Photo by torbakhopper

Please recognize that this is merely a snapshot, a moment in time. Namely, it’s the five best Muni flavors this week. There are infinite flavors, of course. We see and taste them every day. There will be subsequent reports of additional flavors as time goes on.

For now, enjoy these:

  • man on the 19 Polk has a chihuahua with a pacifier in its mouth. I am simultaneously annoyed and delighted #Muni
  • The theme of today’s bus ride is ” having a psychotic episode while picking bugs from my head” . #SFMuni
  • Guy sitting next to me on #muni has a smartphone, earbuds, but no shoes.
  • If you know how to deactivate the magnet that attracts drunk homeless dudes to me on the 49, I’d love to hear #Muni
  • Drunk dude on the N rapping about how he isn’t drunk. #sfmuni #neveradullmoment

These five things on Muni were brought you to my fellow riders @lfagundes77, @yayneabeba, @barry_buck, @rachelshpionka, and @shaughnessy_k8.

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