Of Muni, Looking, and (literal) beards

Photo by davitydave

[Insert snappy commentary about HBO’s Looking here]

No, someone do it, ’cause I’ve got nothing. Thankfully, in perhaps its most San Francisco-est post possible*, BuzzFeed ranked the beards on this HBO show about gay life in the city, and we hear some of those handsome beards are riding Muni. It is obviously my duty as your editor to tune in and spend an exorbitant amount of time on this topic.

#12 features some hot Muni Metro action, guest starring Muni Diaries Live alum and BuzzFeed editor Isaac Fitzgerald. We have enjoyed this beard for years.

#2 is Richie, whose beard is a little patchy for my taste, but check out that strangely pristine transit vehicle. Mee-ow. Oh, A+ on the Giants hat, Richie.

* Despite its criminal use of “the” with Muni.

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