Public transit mayo eater inspires vomit


Just when I thought I had seen it all.

Quick story: Mayonnaise is disgusting. It is acceptable only in tuna and chicken salad. It is certain not acceptable to eat that barfotastic crap straight from the jar. To say nothing of doing this on Muni.

Close up of the crime scene:


Kids these days …

Via Misha (“There is never a bad day to eat some delicious mayonnaise in public.”) and my good friend Colin, who was nice enough to share it with me. Thanks, pal!

P.S.: Is that Muni? I’ve seen the newish blue seats, but they’re a much brighter blue than this. Anyone know?


  • Somebody’s been taking that post about life goals seriously (one is to eat vanilla pudding out of a mayonnaise jar in public).

  • Khalilah Alston via Facebook

    Agreed, vanilla pudding for the win.

  • Taylor Schachter via Facebook

    Once I was on the 38 and this woman in front of me was eating cheerios out of a tupperware container by sticking her tongue into the container and getting them stuck on her tongue one by one. It was grotesque.

  • Bill Chauvin via Facebook

    I once was on a very crowded 7 Height when a man opened a jar of mayo and started spreading it on his bald head. No joke.

  • Kieran

    Damn..I’ve ridden Muni for over 2 decades where I’ve seen people take PCP, on another occasion huff glue and then 2 minutes later proceed to leave the bus by climbing and then jumping through the window if you were sitting in the right seat in the corner at the very back of the bus, as well as parents changing their baby’s diapers on a crowded 22 Fillmore, and I’ve never seen anyone eat mayo out of the jar with a spoon..Now granted, I think that mayonnaise is nasty as hell, though to each their own..

    Speaking of which-does anyone remember that Kraft commercial from the mid 90s where it showed a fat man eating mayo out of a jar in complete silence and then the commercial ended with the Kraft logo flashing because this picture makes me think of that commercial.

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