Five Muni peculiarities

Photo by Lynn Friedman

You ride Muni. I ride Muni. They ride Muni. We all ride Muni. Have a great weekend!

  1. 2 riders wearing backpacks that keep bumping each other. Giving each other dirty looks. Total backpack stalemate #sfmuni
  2. took a vote on whether to let a girl get off the 31AX bc she wasn’t paying attn to the last stop #Muni
  3. How do I politely tell the guy standing next to my seat that his fly is down? #munidiaries
  4. Had a muni car to myself for 5 stops. First person to board decides to sit 2 seats next to me. #StoryOfMyLife
  5. Who needs reality tv when you can ride the 49 after dark? #munidiaries

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by @thisbeazy, @domkingston, @emeliesalot, @adriannaisms, and @MissMauriss.

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