A snapshot of your world on Muni

Photo by torbakhopper

A quick reminder before your weekend gets under way: We’re all in this together. Enjoy!

  • Of all the food that people eat on public transportation, oranges offend me the least. #munidiaries
  • How fortunate I am to have a #SFMuni expert right next to me on the L.
  • “This is end of the line, Mother Fucker. End of the line!” — #sfmuni patron and member of the Muni peer assistance program.
  • Just witnessed a 75+ year old man yell “suck my dick, bitch” at the muni driver. #wut #sfmuni
  • Bruised, in suits and hoodies, wasted, homeless, coding the side project, making out in the backseat. 38 is how S.F. goes home
  • I found my style icon in my bus! She was 70 years old. #sfmuni

This week’s Things on Muni brought to you by fellow Muni riders @esavestheworld, @SFkaty, @stevepepple, @SierraUnsworth, @sdqali, and @divya. Share your Muni musings on @munidiaries.

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