Tools with blades on the 6-Parnassus

Photo by Ian Fuller

Things that make you go “huh” and bonus Muni-operator kudos, via Muni rider Vicki:

“At about 10:30 am the other day, on the Outbound 6, at Haight and Buena Vista West: Delusional guy next to me is fondling a “tool” with a 12″ blade, caressing it lovingly for 10 minutes. The new driver, a woman and her trainer, a man, unbeknownst to me, had the whole thing totally handled. A motorcycle cop boarded and smoothly talked this disturbed guy off of the bus, without a problem. I think the bus # was 5417, not sure, but they were all on it! Kudos to that trainer who very coolly pretended to ignore the guy so as not to incite him.”

First of all, so rarely does “fondling,” “tool,” and “caressing” show up in the same submission without it meaning the other thing. And so rarely does anything with a 12-inch blade go well for anyone on a Muni bus. Well done, driver and trainer for spotting a potential problem before it became a real problem.

Hey, guess what, Vicki posted this on the Muni Diaries Facebook page. Aren’t you totally inspired to post your own story, whether it involves tool fondling or some other eyebrow-raising activity? Yeah, I am basically trying to get “tool fondling” into this post as much as possible because I’m 12 years old.

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