Not enough seats on BART? Just bring your own!


DIY is a way of life. Around here, one of the forms that takes is people bringing their own seating on public transit. We’ve seen people sitting in chairs in and around Muni plenty of times.

Now, BART rider Pablo brings us this little tale:

I saw this snazzy-looking fella in Balboa Park sitting on his office chair like it ain’t no thang. He then proceeded to take it with him on a ride to Civic Center. Too bad it wasn’t rush hour time or this man would have achieved legendary status by sitting on the chair he apparently carries around for personal use WHILE ON BART.

Total nut job or genius of the century? YOU DECIDE.

Also, it was pretty amusing seeing his chair roll around all over the car when he wasn’t looking. Maybe this can also turn into a new pastime, like catch the chicken, only with an office chair instead.

Maybe Pablo is right.

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