Now’s your chance: Apply to be a Muni operator

Photo by Christine Ricks

Time to play god, folks. Muni is hiring drivers, and the window won’t be open forever.

Essential functions include: conducting pre-operational inspection of the transit vehicle; safely navigating the vehicle through traffic along assigned routes under various environmental conditions in accordance with traffic laws and departmental regulations; operating the disability access lifts to assist persons with disabilities onto the vehicle; collecting fares from passengers and issuing transfers; checking passenger transfers, fast passes, and electronic passes to ensure they are valid; responding to customers’ questions regarding routes, directions, fares and transfers; communicating instructions to passengers and calling out the vehicle stops and transfer points via the vehicle’s intercom system; conducting post-operational inspection of the outside of the vehicle; contacting central control regarding various emergencies; and completing accident, incident and/or miscellaneous reports to document unusual occurrences. Incumbents may be required to perform other related duties.

Read the rest of the job listing here.

If you get the job, of course, you have to check back here frequently. Oh, and you simply have to share your best stories with fellow Muni Diaries readers.

Tell ’em we sent ya. Or not.

Good luck!

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