Riding Muni just to read a book

Local-ish author. Nice touch

Some people like to read books while riding Muni. Muni rider Kristin is one of them.

Sometimes I ride the bus just to read. Set up camp on the back right window seat with apples and peppermint tea. ride a line all the way down and back again… There is comfort in being alone in a crowd; wearing strangers loose around my shoulders like a handmade shawl in winter. Tuning in and out to the steady hum of engine grumbles, passenger mumbles. Looking up between pages to notice secret street art alleyways and quirky cafés. Feeling my seat mate’s arm absently meet mine as he checks the time, and I just leave it there. Enjoying this straddling two worlds, in motion, heel to toe with no place to.

Besides this website, the Muni Diaries Facebook page, and our Twitter feed, what do you like to read while riding Muni?

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