This week in ‘Smells on Muni’

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Last week, we learned that “#sfmuni” and “#muni” were the two most popular hashtags around here. I recently went through the @munidiaries archives, and discovered that you guys’ favorite Muni topic was—surprise!—what it smells like.

To honor you, Muni’s smell-reporting set, we bring you the week in Muni smells.

  • This guy next to me smells like hella fresh laundry.
  • On the #njudah playing “guess the source of the smell”
  • SOS I’m drowning in Axe Body Spray fumes. 🙁 #SFMuni
  • There is so much cologne on this train I may throw up. #sfmuni

#munismells, anyone?

This week’s roundup brought to you @faithy, @privildeged, @ImekaSF, and @hollyleach. Contribute your Muni stories, smells or other, to @munidiaries. You won’t be sorry.

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