It’s 2014, and we’re riding Muni, y’all

Photo by elaine a

Here are some examples of the whacky shit we all face day in, day out on Muni.

  • A couple took from Forest Hill to Van Ness to pick an Instagram filter. #sfmuni
  • Only on #sfmuni would you hear someone trying to buy drugs by offering to trade-in for some grapes.
  • Is being told I look like your “beautiful” prostitute ex girlfriend really supposed to be a compliment?
  • Just watched an empty Corona bottle get off this bus by itself.
  • The theme of today’s #sfmuni ride is ” every one smells like they have a poopy diaper! EVERYONE!” #washyourass
  • There’s nothing more humiliating than running after a #sfmuni as your pants fall down only for the doors to close on you.
  • #sfmuni drunk man asks tourist if daughter is wife. Drunk man forgets, repeats question. And forgets, again.

Careful out there, you guys. And have a great weekend!

These seven juicy Muni nuggets are brought to you by @amandamlim, @Kohanji831, @SMASHin2pieces, @beth_winegarner, @yayneabeba, @cdeakers, and @sami_crocker.

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