Muni: Source of a thousand laughs on a weekly basis

Photo by Michael Dunn

For something that often really, really sucks, Muni is such a great source of comedy. Tragic comedy, to be sure.

  • Lady across from me apparently never taught to sit properly in a skirt. Every time I look up I get panty flashed. #munidiaries
  • Did I just watch this fool toot some blow on the bus?!! #SFMuni #smh #ppltoday
  • OMG #sfmuni smells like someone took toejam, shoved it in their ass, scraped it out, vomited on it, spread it on the bus [ed note: oddly and amazingly specific!]
  • dude just popped open a huge bottle of wine and took the longest drink from it!! That’s one way to take the J! #HumpDayFun
  • “He only has two teeth left. It’s not really fair to knock out his only remaining teeth” – on #sfmuni just now

This week’s hilarity sprung forth from the great minds of @goldfine, @RGB_SINCE1981, @ProgressingSF, @SuperDee75, and @Brocheh. Don’t be stingy: Share your Muni giggles over at @munidiaries.

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