VIDEO: Unable to choose, Chicago subway train takes escalator and stairs

Ever had a scary moment when you realized you were standing too close for comfort to an approaching subway train? Chicago subway riders had that experience times a thousand Monday when a train at the O’Hare International Airport jumped the tracks, careening up a escalator and set of stairs before stopping. More than two dozen people were injured in the crash, believed to have been caused by the train’s operator falling asleep at the controls.

See the dramatic video here.

Uh, yeah … holy crap. After seeing this, we don’t care how slow Muni moves.

h/t Gizmodo


  • Dexter Wong

    CTA should do something about operators who work too much overtime. This is the second time that operator had had a mishap while tired.

  • Dexter Wong

    Both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Tribune reported that the operator at fault had worked 69 hours last week filling in for other operators since she had no fixed work shift. It is bad if she thinks she must work as much as possible because she is afraid that there will be too much idle time if she turns down a work offer.

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