Take a ride on the Muni Fun Bus


Late last week, when we were busy prepping for Muni Diaries Live, Kelsey dropped this in our inbox.

“I took the fun bus to work this morning.”

Earlier today, when I was about to start digging around for WTF this could be, the fun bus itself pulled into the Kirkland yard across from my office. Not exactly white-whale material, but prescient, at least.

Fun Bus is an ad campaign by Popcorn Indiana. (Guess what they sell?) It’s a fun bus-wrap idea, and one that makes us snack-hungry, or, snackry.

Thanks for making the bus fun again, Popcorn Indiana!

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  • Dexter Wong

    As a whole,I don’t particularly care for bus wraps. They make the bus dark inside. In another city, the transit district covered one window with part of its logo and people complained so much about not being able to see that the district had to remove that wrap. On the other hand, I do like popcorn, so it’s a wash.

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