‘Pervert’ on the 2-Clement

Photo by Jason Sutter

A PSA from regular 2-Clement rider, seemingly guilty of riding Muni while female, as one of your editors was reminded very recently. Sex crimes on transit are believed, not surprisingly, to be under-reported. But we’re glad they’re getting “reported” somewhere. You never know: Muni Diaries readers helped nab a Muni humper suspect in 2009, so step forward in the comments if this strikes a chord with you.

About a month ago, I was on the Muni 2 bus on my way home. I usually leave the office around 5:15 and catch the bus at the corner of California and Presidio. It was a Friday afternoon on February 21st. When the bus came, it was pretty full, but I was lucky enough to get a seat in those 2 passenger spots on the left. It was the middle row because I remember a row in front of me and a row behind. At first, I was sitting near the window seat next to an old lady. She was there for a few stops. Then the old lady moved to the single passenger seats on the right. I can’t remember what stop we were at when this Asian man came on board and sat next to me.

I paid no attention to him. I was busy reading on my Kindle. The only thing I thought was kinda strange at first was he was sitting really close to me. So close that I kept trying to move closer to the window. I felt like he was invading my personal space, but I didn’t say anything since I know I was on public transportation and that sometimes we don’t get personal space. I just kept reading away. Then I started to feel something on the side of me moving. For minute, I thought the man was trying to take my wallet out of my purse since the purse was between us. So I moved my purse to the left side of me and looked around to see if maybe something was sticking out of the man’s jacket or something. I went back minding my own business . Then I realized the guy next to me was trying to feel my breast. When I realized what he was doing,, I pushed him and yelled.

After that, he moved to the edge of the seat and turned around. He looked at me with this crazy look and then he took off at the next stop. I didn’t even have time to react or call 911. I didn’t even bother to file a police report because no one saw what happened or even helped after I yelled.

I do know this man rides the Muni 2 Clement bus. He’s usual on around 5-6 pm. I did see him again on Muni 2 bus. I tried to take his picture, but I guess he recognized me and tried to hide his face. When he realized I was taking his picture, he got off the bus. Luckily, my friend was with me and he took his picture. If you see this guy, BEWARE! I wish we could get these crazy people off the streets.


  • Emma

    Something similar happened to me on the K train from city college about 6 months ago. An asian man boarded a few stops after I did and stood behind me a little close for comfort. I also ignored it inicially because the train was pretty full. It was one of our rare 70 degree days and I had been wearing a skirt, when I felt something touch the skin between my legs. Assuming it was an accident I turned around and looked and realized that while there were a lot of people on the train there was plenty of room behind me, and that the man was definitely standing too close on purpose. I shot him a dirty look and then took a step forward. When a minute later the man reached out and again brushed his finger up against my inner thigh, I turned around and yelled at him loud enough for the whole train to hear. I told him that if he tried to touch me one more time I am calling the police from the train and having him arrested. The weird thing was he just ignored me and acted like he either didn’t understand English or pretended that he had no idea I was talking to him. Like he wanted to make me look like the psycho rather than him. and then got off on the next stop. It occured to me that this is probably just “what he does” when assaulting a woman on the bus and that most likely he’s been doing this a long time because he acted completely unphased by being called a pervert in the middle of a bus full of people. Makes me absolutely sick, and I wish now that I had followed him off the bus and called the police. What is it with these perverted Men on muni..catch him!!

  • Sammy

    This reminds me of something really weird that happened when I was on an M train going inbound one late afternoon. The train was nearly empty, I was standing up as my stop was approaching, I noticed that there were two girls who were maybe 12 or 13 years old and one of them got off the train, then at the next stop an Asian guy got onto the train and sat right next to the poor girl! She was minding her own business sitting next to the window when the man sat next to her of all places, there were so many empty seats! The girl looked so terrified but kept her eyes glued to her phone, I was worried her was going to try something so I missed my stop to keep an eye on that guy and prepared myself to kick his *** if he tried anything. Luckily, the strange man got off the train two stops later. Sometimes I feel like Muni needs security guards.

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