Winning observations of life on Muni

Photo by WHardcastle

Because Muni is cold. It is hard. It is truth. Live it, know it, love it, like these fine folks are doing.

  • Sometimes I think mass transit is designed to embarrass you physically. Great source of physical comedy. #muni
  • The bus you’re on time for, is the bus that never comes #sfmuni
  • Shocked it took me living here 4 yrs before I saw someone on @sfmta_muni using vodka bottle as pillow
  • My nose adapted to breathing air w/o actually smelling it. Thx for helping me experience evolution, Muni
  • An always fun #muni game – whose BO? This round was easy. Crazy hobo scratching his pits.

This chapter of the Gospel of Muni was written for you by @beausepher, @katiedreaper, @mollybierman, @TheLuisRocha, and @mschung. What have you got to say? Tell it @munidiaries.

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