Hella cosmetics on the 14-Mission


Muni rider Daisy saw something, said something. Here’s what she saw, said:

I was taking the 14 to downtown and saw this man pulling hundreds of freshly stolen cosmetic items out of every pocket, cuff, sleeve, pant leg, etc. and putting them in a large green duffle bag. From the packaging, it looked like he had stolen from Walgreens… maybe in the Excelsior where I got on? After watching for several minutes, I walked up to the driver and told him that I wanted to report suspicious activity but the driver ignored me and acted like he didn’t know what I was saying. I even pointed the guy out to the driver and he acted like he couldn’t do anything about it. Doesn’t Muni have an announcement every fucking minute to report any suspicious or dangerous activity???

Yes, Daisy, they do. You done right.

Think twice next time you buy your mascara on the streets, guys.

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