All the popular Muni tweets

Photo by Sonny Abesamis

And wouldya just lookee there. Many of them are about drinking and the hot, hot heat we suffered this weekend. Coincidence?

  1. To the dude drinking Steel Reserve in the back of the 8x at 7:45 in the morning on a Monday – I salute you.
  2. Drunk guy on Muni yelling random lyrics from Lorde songs. #onlyinSF
  3. So it’s 72 in SF (equivalent to the rest of the world’s 92) & #Muni has the heater on. #MuniIsTryingToKillUs
  4. The #19 bus is like the Mos Eisley of #SFMuni. I only wish I had Obi-Wan to escort me every morning. cc @starwars
  5. If the bus smells like if someone is eating fried chicken is most likely bc someone really is eating fried chicken

This week’s astute Muni observations were made by @taylormadeSF, @IvanVanderbyl, @LorenaBennett, @brendenguy, and @Zurib19. What’s happening on your Muni commute? Tell it to @munidiaries.

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