What did you see on Muni today?

Photo by Ethan Hein

Cuz if you’re anything like these fellow Muni riders, you saw some good stuff.

  • Gotta love the guy with a 10lb thing of kitty litter on the bus. #catpersonproblems
  • People rolling joints, typical. Separating a shoe box full of cocaine into baggies? Not so… #sf
  • empty mickey of vodka, container of potato salad, pint of Haagen-Dazs. Apparently some take the 6 to get over a breakup
  • so the 29 driver just stopped the bus, got out, and did several jumping jacks. That’s all
  • Oh my god why did I just look up from my phone to this old guy in spandex shorts

This week’s sights of Muni is brought to you by @sctosf, @thekatwok, @rianadadlani, @turkellviolince, and @iamyourgirlrach. If you saw something worth sharing on Muni, there’s a good place to do just that: @munidiaries.

One comment

  • Dexter Wong

    Maybe the guy with the kitty litter has a problem with cats. People say “Muni is a trip,” this is why with so many getting ready to get high.The person who had a breakup on the 6 also likes to litter. When you spend the day behind the wheel, you need something to keep active.

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