Muni Sickout, Day 3: All the latest news

Photo by Kyu Kim

Here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about the Muni Sickout as it enters its third day. KCBS’s Elaine Leung reports that today, 75 percent of Muni vehicles are in service. Hey, it’s a start.

Muni Sickout: Drivers Who Worked Monday Getting Extra Pay
SF Weekly reports that SFMTA will not pay those workers who participated in the Monday version of the sickout (no word yet on Tuesday or Wednesday). And the agency will reportedly use those savings to pay workers who did show up that day, Flying Spaghetti Monster bless ’em.

SFMTA Asks Muni Workers Out Sick To Provide Doctor’s Note Or Not Get Paid
CBS Bay Area reports that SFMTA is basically calling the operators’ bluff. “Oh, you’re sick? PROVE IT.” Also, get ready to seethe and sharpen those pitchforks: As is, Muni workers get 13 sick days per year.

Mayor Ed Lee condemns Muni worker ‘sickout’ as major delays continue
Add another body to the side of “Cut it out, Muni operators.” The Examiner reports that Mayor Ed Lee is essentially saying, “ur doin it rong.”

Union Advises Muni Drivers To Get Back To Work
Yeah, so yesterday we reported that the union didn’t call for the sickout. Now CBS Bay Area reports that they’ve gone a step further and told members to return to work. We can get on board with that. You?

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  • derp

    “Union advises Muni drivers to get back to work”

    yeah, that would have been nice on day one. on day three- when most are coming back to work anyway- it means little more than lip service.

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