Bored kid in Russia appoints himself bus driver, takes off with vehicle

russia bus kid
Photo via Daily Star

A kid in Russia decided to steal a bus last month and take it on a joyride around town. Unsatisfied with tagging, rock throwing, or whatever it is eight-year-old boys do on their lunch break at school, Andrey Grimov stole the bus when the driver left the keys in the ignition to go on a break.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Star, the boy drove the bus through a hedge, a field, and across a lawn in Veliky Novgorod, before taking it out on the road. Police eventually stopped him by setting up a roadblock. According to the boy’s mother, Andrey said he was bored and looking for an ‘adventure.’

We seem to recall something like this has happened before in San Francisco in the days before Muni Diaries was around. Anyone remember the details?


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