Muni buses-turned-showers for homeless ready to roll out

Image via Lava Mae

Remember the story about the buses that would be turned into giant showers for homeless people? No?

Well, it’s happening, you guys. SFist has the details:

Lava Mae, the San Francisco startup that has converted a Muni bus into showers for the homeless, is ready to roll out their first mobile washroom in the Mission starting on June 28 … For the first phase, Lava Mae’s shower bus will work with the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center and will be parked on Capp Street between 16th and 17th Street from 7 a.m. until noon. The converted bus currently has two private “hygiene pods” (read: bathrooms) that include a shower, sink, toilet and a changing room. To keep things moving, users must sign up ahead of time to schedule their timed, 10-minute showers.”

We’re glad to see these out-of-commish buses being used for something other than landfill. (Though sometimes that can be purty.)

What are some other potential uses for decommissioned Muni buses you can think of?

h/t: SFist

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