Should this happen on Muni?

Photo by becky berry

We all have our ideas of right and wrong. And those norms don’t take a back seat when we ride Muni. Nor should they.

Here are some questionable things seen and smelled on Muni this week:

  • A woman just crawled on the streetcar with an open tallboy of Old English. Happy Monday! #MuniDiaries
  • On the 33 line and for the first time, saw a driver curse out a passenger!
  • Old woman dressed entirely in black on #sfmuni brushing the hair of a creepy doll. Quota for the macabre, fulfilled.
  • Someone pooped on the bus during my morning commute. #sfmuni
  • man picks nose. smears findings on bus wall. my stomach… #munidiaries

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @pjrocks12, @findslt, @keaneiscool, @laurenylee, and @a_pisceslife. You, too, can contribute at @munidiaries.

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