Peter Hartlaub finds transit utopia on the 77X-Candlestick

According to Peter, what does it take for the perfect transit experience? A rad destination and open-container boozing on the bus, of course.

SF Chronicle columnist Peter Hartlaub graced the stage at Muni Diaries Live this April with tales of frozen turkey/bologna sandwiches, screensavers, and mullet’d Muni drivers. Who wouldn’t want to freeze the moment on their last Muni ride to Candlestick Park?

Muni Diaries Live is our twice-a-year live storytelling event at the Elbo Room. We’ll be back this fall with another great lineup and riotously hilarious Muni stories.


  • Dexter Wong

    Wonderful story! My memories of the 77X are quite like that, but they go way back to the days when the bus was called 47X (because it started and ended like the 47) and the fare was 50 cents each way (the regular fare was 20 cents then). The fans were always excited before the game (the Giants will win!). Afterward the mood depended on whether or not they did win. If they did win, nothing could bring them down despite the fact it took forever to get back to the freeway due to the post-game traffic. If they lost, then silence would reign, except for some grumbler who harped on what should have been done, then the wait was almost unbearable.

  • A Vuncular

    What are Muni’s plans for transit to the new Candlestick outlet mall and housing when that gets built out?
    Just the existing 29 route? A new shuttle? Starting where?

    • A Vuncular

      There’s this, but it’s not very specific:
      “The project transit improvements include: the Hunters Point Transit Center, bus rapid transit connecting to Caltrain and BART, new downtown express bus routes from both Candlestick Point and Hunters Point and other service expansions. Street improvements will include transit preferential signaling and streetscape improvements. An extensive pedestrian and bicycle network includes a cycletrack connecting Candlestick Point with Hunters Point and connecting both areas to regional transit.”

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