Canadian city to singing bus riders: Pipe down or pay a fine!

Photo by AJ Batac

In a major blow to aspiring pop stars, the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is considering new law that would make it illegal to sing or otherwise perform music aboard its city buses. According to the Toronto Sun, anyone who sings, busks, or plays musical instruments aboard transit vehicles could face a fine of $100 plus court costs under the proposed bylaw.

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz told the paper the law is intended to prevent disturbances, noting that it “is important for people to enjoy their trip on public transit.”

Must be nice when your biggest transit problem is impromptu concerts.

Though bleary-eyed commuters here in SF might have taken solace in this law during a kid-powered recorder performance on the bus (true story), you will take our FLUTE CANE CONCERTS or our Pantera covers from our cold dead hands.

Read more about the Winnipeg bus proposal.

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