Muni riders school ‘Drunk Idiots’

Muni is our urban Tipsy Taxi (holla, UCD grads), as it should be for any responsible reveler. But you’ll lose those kudos (and end up in SERIOUS kudos debt) for playing the part of Drunk Idiot on transit. Don’t be a jerk on the bus worthy of title-case Twitter shaming.

Drink safely, which includes not getting your ass kicked by annoyed, sober riders on your ride home.

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  • Derrick

    I am a native of the city living in another state and I come down twice a year for vacation . I ride Muni to get around and one of the things that annoy me other than smelly people and rude passengers are drunks . Especially when they act like a bunch of idiots . San Francisco is historically a city of tolerance but there are some things people that grew up and live in the city don’t tolerate like behaving like a jack ass ! You get drunk and act like an idiot ,you will be treated like an idiot .

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