Reminder: Muni fares set to increase on September 1

Photo by Agent Akit

A Muni (Diaries) reminder to make more money and/or really start hoarding those pennies. Change is a-comin.

Fare increases effective September 1, 2014, are as follows:

  • Single Ride Adult Fare will increase from $2 to $2.25.
  • Adult “A” Fast Pass will increase from $76 to $80.
  • Adult “M” Fast Pass will increase from $66 to $68.
  • Lifeline Monthly Pass will increase from $33 to $34.

For more info, visit SFMTA’s website. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya!


  • Luis Valdez

    Extortion! The light rail gets stuck entering Van Ness Station, door don’t open after arriving at platforms, rude & nasty drivers, system halts during mornings & evening rush hour. Extending lines to Chinatown when it cannot handle the T line, the misappropiation and criminal lapses in accounting procedures and lies given to the Federal Transit Adminstration, chaos during Giants games. Routes 14, 49, 43 F-line coming in sets of seven in a row, disableing handicap front seats, allowing an army of Oaklanders to overtake SF Muni, forcing metermaids to have monthly quotas, letting Nathaniel Ford walk out with half a million, paying out court settlements for human deaths cause by MUNI–which is the reason of the increased fare. purchasing costly electric cars that don’t work. Citizens of SF have had enough with this MTA mafia!

    • Dexter Wong

      You are suggesting that people opt-out of Muni, which would increase gridlock and raise tension on city streets. What should be done is to lobby for better service.

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