SFMTA changes route terminal, says ‘psyche,’ changes it back

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So Muni done somebody wrong, again.

Allegedly without first, like, taking the pulse of the people it would affect, SFMTA/Muni recently moved the last stop of the 30-Stockton from Divisadero to Fillmore. That’s quite a long way for people expecting to, you know, ride the bus instead of walk.

Muni rider Natalie, who wrote her supervisor in an effort to undo this horrible mistake, let us know that all is well with the world again, as Muni has moved the terminal stop back to Divisadero:

In fact, […] Muni, who didn’t bother to inform the community, [has] admitted it was a stupid idea and “apparently” moving it back to it’s original location (Divisadero and Chestnut).

The Marina Times has the full story. Check it out.


  • TransitMan

    Back in July, I remember SFMTA workers doing public outreach at several stops along the 30-Stockton route to solicit feedback and give information about the pilot project. I spoke to them and they said residents near the original bus terminal were pissed about the inconvenience it causes to them (the terminal is short, so additional buses often back up behind blocking residential homes’ driveways). So I guess they did try to get the word out, but other than the workers handing out flyers, I don’t know of any other means of public outreach that they did. Either way, this is a dumb move – everyone knew it was dumb… probably had to be done anyway, so the NIMBYs don’t file a lawsuit or something like that.

  • Muni Passenger

    I don’t remember 30-Stockton having a Short Line Proposal before.

  • Dexter Wong

    I recall that back in the late sixties (when I attended Marina Jr. Hi.) most 30 Stockton buses ran Scott, Broderick, Divisadero (a short loop) while some ran on the full loop (Scott, Beach, Divisadero). Now they all run to Beach and terminate at Chestnut (except for the short period when they terminated at Chestnut and Fillmore). Using Fillmore as a 30 terminal is shortsighted because there is less room for buses there (unlike the 22 terminal around the corner where there is plenty of room for 22 buses).

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