Bernal residents demand Cesar Chavez Muni route revival

Image by Bernalwood

Today, Bernalwood wrote about a “gaping hole” in Muni service along Cesar Chavez (née Army) Street. Turns out there’s no easy way to get over to the Caltrain Station at 22nd Street and Third Street and other Dogpatch destinations. Imagine that!

From the Bernalwood post (quoting Bernal resident Mark):

Right now, there’s no easy way to get to the 22nd Street Station. Yes, you can take the 48-Quintara down 24th St. and over the hill, but this takes a very long time. It would be so much quicker for the bus to head down our remade Cesar Chavez, bypassing Potrero Hill, making a turn at Third St., and heading straight for the station. I’ll bet it would save at least 15 minutes vs. a comparable trip on the 48.

You could start the route at Castro and 26th, or (as I have it) at Church and Cesar Chavez to connect with the J-Church.

Curious as to whether Muni ever had a line down Cesar Chavez, I looked around and found a 1947 Muni map posted by Eric Fischer.

New Muni service? An archival Muni map? Color us intrigued (and supportive). What about you? Would a revival of the 54B make your life better?

Read more over at Bernalwood.


  • FDW

    The plan for the Oakdale Caltrain station would be so much better for those in Bernal Heights.

  • Dexter Wong

    With regard to archival Muni maps, Muni has been making maps for most of its life. I’ve seen maps that dated back to 1920 and there are many more. Eric Fischer has collected and posted many old Muni maps on the web.

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