One more Giants game, one more chance to behave

Photo by rafael-castillo

Gotta get a little sports on you for a second. The Giants did not win the baseball game last night, and thus, did not win the World Series. It being a series, there will be another game tonight. Tonight’s game is the final game, no matter what*.

The Giants may win this baseball game tonight, and would thus win the World Series. There’s an equal chance that they will lose tonight’s game, and thus lose the series.

In any case, the message remains the same: Win or lose, please play nice with each other and with things like buses and bus shelters and, really, everything. If you have to burn stuff, burn trash. If you have to break stuff, make sure it’s your own stuff.

Lastly, go, Giants!

*For those of you anxious for it to all be over, your hour is almost upon us. Unless there’s a parade on Market Street, of course, in which case nah-nanny-nah-nah!

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