This Thursday: SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL: To L and Back


Remember how fun it is to drink? Now you can do so with fellow transit enthusiasts and celebrate last week’s defeat of a nasty, anti-public transit proposition.

The SF Transit Riders Union is hosting a “pub”lic transit crawl (get it? get it?). They’ve cleverly dubbed this one “To L and Back,” as it will take place at various points along the L-Taraval line.

Here’s the schedule:
6 p.m.: The Residence, 718 14th St at Market and Church (Near Church Station)
7 p.m.: Philosopher’s Club, 824 Ulloa St at West Portal (Near West Portal Station)
8 p.m.: Parkside Tavern, 1940 Taraval at 30th Ave
9 p.m.: Riptide, 3639 Taraval St at 47th ave
~10 p.m.: L Taraval into the night

And here’s the nifty pricing plan:
$40 = 1 year of Membership + 4 drink/raffle tickets
$30 = 4 drink/raffle tickets
$24 = 3 drink/raffle tickets
$18 = 2 drink/raffle tickets
$10 = 1 drink/raffle ticket
$ 0 = come along for the ride, all you need is your bus pass!

Read more about “To L and Back” at SFTRU’s website.

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  • Dexter Wong

    Is anyone planning to raise one for Audie Murphy(star of “To Hell and Back,” inspiration for this trip and the most decorated soldier of World War II)?

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