NYC bus driver allegedly pulled over to knife wife’s lover

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Never underestimate the multi-tasking abilities of a big city bus driver. And there are few better examples, perhaps, than Ephraim Henry, a New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver who authorities say pulled over his bus last month to stab a man believed to have been sleeping with Henry’s wife. According to the New York Daily News, Henry, 30, was headed on an empty bus back to a bus depot in Queens when he spotted Oscar Williams, 48, driving a Honda. Both men slammed on their brakes, got out of their vehicles and began to fight. During the scuffle, Henry allegedly pulled out a pocketknife and jabbed Williams in the arm.

Henry was later booked on suspicion of assault and criminal possession of a weapon. A source told the paper that Henry had some disciplinary issues on the job, noting “I wouldn’t say he was a stellar employee.”

Guess we can feel grateful when our Muni driver just stops randomly simply to pee.

h/t: Gawker

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