Yet another Muni redesign


It turns out that, after arguing over parking spaces, how ugly condos are, and where you can get the best burrito, San Franciscans’ favorite thing to do is redesign what many of us hold ever so dear: The Muni Worm.

Harold sent us his design firm’s (Notorii) take. Man, if SFMTA could figure a way to GIF-ify* the Muni logo …

This version is much more true to the original than many renditions we’ve seen over the years. Notorii’s Fast Passes are enough to make me want to reward them with daily helicopter rides through the Golden Gate Bridge.


Check out the rest of their work on Muni’s logo over at Notorii’s website.

What do you guys think?

* Hard G, mother fucker!


  • Dexter Wong

    The Muni worm, in any other colors, should look so good.

  • GalacticDragonfly

    The Muni worm looks fine the way it is.

    Also, the colors are fine the way they are. Red and Gray. Occasionally, we can pay homage to the old White, Orange and Red color scheme. Both were great. Different styles are fine, but the color scheme and current logo are perfect.

    Now, a system that needs an attractive logo is BART. The ‘ba’ is okay, but its not creative. The colors are fine however, at least for the new fleet.

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