NYC to clamp down on big-balls-riding dudes

Photo by davitydave

Spread-nuts-shaming is about to become real, you guys. Buzzfeed has story of New York City’s plan to combat this terrible scourge on society:

“The MTA, which manages New York City’s subways and buses, will launch an awareness campaign in January to stop people from taking up too much space on the seats.

“The campaign, in part, will target man spreaders: people who spread their legs wide open, even on crowded trains, MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz told BuzzFeed News.”

Your only excuse is that you’re saving room down there for a cat.

Also, NYC’s MTA will target ball-spreaders’ partners in terribleness: people who don’t take their backpacks off on crowded transit vehicles. Hooray!

Finally. New York follows a less-official attempt to stanch this behavior in Boston in 2009. Will SFMTA follow suit? We can only hope.

Read the full story on Buzzfeed.


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