Like BART-riding salmon, “swimming” upstream …


Comparing some BART commuters to salmon, SFGate wrote last weekend about a practice it called “upstreaming,” or riding the train in the opposite direction you’re headed for a few stops during commute hours simply in order to get a seat. You know, those riders who cram near the doors and get off at Civic Center or 16th Street only to cross the platform and board a train going the other way?

The SFGate article reminded @suldrew and @Rusty_Staples of an old Muni campaign to prevent back-riding and crowding at the Embarcadero station.

Although he didn’t recall the campaign, Muni spokesman Paul Rose says it isn’t a problem for Muni these days.

“It hasn’t been a major issue for Muni,” Rose told us in an email. “Our average trip time is generally much shorter than BART and BART has a higher percentage of riders making trips above 30 minutes. So it makes the upstreaming strategy less valuable to our riders.”

Well then. Have you seen rush hour commuters/salmon engaging in this behavior? What are your thoughts on it?


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