Schoolin’ the kids in a Muni Mom Moment

Photo by David Lytle (not the subjects of the story below)

A popular thread running through this site (and our Twitter and Facebook pages) is complaints about rowdy or harmful passengers riders and the rest of our failure to do or say anything. Well, Dhaya has enough, y’all.

Today on the bus a young man was blasting on his phone what seemed like two engines fighting each other, which was in reality “music.” Although Muni has a sign that says “No Radios,” clearly Muni is run by old fogies who don’t know mobile devices can play “music.”

When the young man asked, “Hey any requests what do you wanna hear?” out loud, I took the opportunity.

“I believe I speak for the entire back of the bus, when I say ‘We request mute.'”

He got upset and said “That’s some SF liberal bullshit.”

I said, “Damn right!”

Then his friend nudged him as if to say, “Don’t mess with those kind.”

Then the other bus patrons smiled at me, while continuing to take inaction.

I just mom’d someone and I’m so excited about this new found superpower.

I hereby nominate Dhaya Muni Manners Sheriff. The terms lasts a lifetime. What say, Dhaya?

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