Listen to Klee Wiggins at Muni Diaries Live: ‘I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Muni’

Photo by Kevin Wong

You know how sometimes you just stumble upon greatness unintentionally? That happened to us when we were planning last month’s Muni Diaries Live.

One rando day I saw someone post a Throwback Thursday photo of herself and her dad, decked out as he was in an honest-to-goodness Muni operator uniform. I followed the breadcrumb trail to Klee Wiggins, daughter of a Muni bus driver.

Fast forward to that night in November at the Elbo Room, when we were all treated to 12 minutes of delightful and hilarious and touching stories of growing up in a Muni family.

Check out Klee’s performance at Muni Diaries Live.

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