The top Muni rider pet peeves of right now

Photo by David Lytle

We live to complain. If it’s not this one day, it’s that the next. And boy hidee, does Muni give us a lot to bitch about, especially when it comes to our beloved fellow passengers.

We checked in with you guys recently to find out your top OMG UR DOIN IT RONG moments on Muni. Here’s what you had to say (in no specific order):

  • Entitlement. — @anzermo
  • Backpacks. — @dgm415
  • Their reasonably sized items in an adjacent seat instead of on their laps or between their legs on the floor. #petpeeve — @cbcastro
  • Erm, the part where they say/do inane stuff, especially with respect to my guide dog or disability! — @missknoxy
  • Clipping nails. People not moving to the back of bus. Trying to get off the bus when a rush of people are trying to get on. — @the_whitney
  • among them, people playing their overly loud music on the bus WITHOUT headphones. NO. — @mythopoeists
  • Neglecting to give up the front seating, as needed! — @CascosPeterson
  • Talking on the phone, on speaker! Taking your seat when you were obviously there first, and, big backpacks on a crowded muni — @Zurib19
  • uncleanliness in all its myriad forms. The average NYC subway is far cleaner than the average MUNI vehicle. — @catsynth
  • Omfg don’t get me started. By the end of every day there’s a new list. — @feathersflorals
  • When people don’t let you try to get further back so you end up standing backwards at the front. #38geary — @OuterRichmondXX
  • leaning over onto me to see what I’m doing on my phone. Personal space, people. — @KelseHunt
  • the manspread — @abjornsen
  • where do i start?clipping nails?not using headphones? not knowing to step down to exit? talking loudly on the phone? littering? — @eyeveins
  • they don’t understand *public* transportation #notoenailclipping — @henare

These really run the gamut. Add yours here, or follow Muni Diaries on Twitter and sound off there!


  • Sam Foster

    OMG, the backpack thing! Seriously, it’s a giant hump, why don’t they take them off??

  • Sergio Riccetti-Schubert via Facebook

    Backpacks. OMFG the backpacks.

  • Alejandro Rubio via Facebook

    Not enough hugs.

  • Claudine Asbagh via Facebook

    I second the backpacks but let’s also add the following (u asked for it): people in their low 30’s or less that don’t give up seat for frail 90 year old, the people who INSIST on spreading out so they can read in a packed car, the people who collect at the bottom of the escalator so no one can get OFF the escalator, the people who push to front of platform when 20 others have been waiting longer, the people who have headphones turned up to 11, those who have headphones yet choose to sing (kind of defeats the purpose) and lastly…step to the right!!!

  • lasertag

    ghetto people who do not use headphones

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