Utterly baffling behavior seen on Muni

Photo by Travis Wise

Earlier this week, we posted your top Muni rider pet peeves. That was, of course, merely a snapshot in time.

Without further ado, here are this week’s instances of disturbing and head-shaking behavior on Muni:

First, an oldie but annoying-ie
Dude has his phone on speaker, but still has his phone to his head. #Muni #L2cellphone — @DaneYoshida

Next, we move on to flat-out gross
dude blew his nose in his bare hands and proceeded to wipe them on his jacket sleeves #munidiaries — @LimLam8

Then onto these charming fellow riders
Homeboy: I have a cold, allergies, and I’m high as a kite on NyQuil, but I can STILL smell your cologne. #sfmuni — @MissNatMoore

And onto positively SMH behavior
Woman w/cane berates woman w/baby for sitting in handicap seat. On one hand ok but on the other really? #munidiaries — @ckueda

Lastly, the rainy day #dickmove, indeed
Your umbrella doesn’t need its own seat. #dickmove instagram.com/p/wzFSzWtp3Z/ — @spiegelmama

Things on Muni is a weekly compilation of our favorite tweets from you, the Muni rider. Add your voice to the choir at @MuniDiaries.

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