When Santa’s sleigh breaks down, he takes Muni

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Via SFist, SFMTA’s Moving SF blog tells us how, back in 1973, at the height of the Age of Vehicular Breakdowns, jolly St. Nick hitched a ride on a Muni bus. Because of course he did.

“Everyone has seen something odd on a Muni bus, but I’d almost guarantee that no one reading this blog has ever seen this one! The 1973 winter holiday season brought some pretty unusual passengers onto Muni for the opening of the “International Christmas Faire” at the Civic Center Audtiorium.

“Santa, Mrs. Claus and two of their magical reindeer, Donder and Blitzen (more about their names here) all took Muni to the Faire, much to the enjoyment and fascination of the crowd of children who turned out to visit with the Clauses.”

Read more at Moving SF. And merry Christmas, errybody!


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