The top Muni WTFs of 2014

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You guys are whacky. Not me. I’m normal. You guys are just weird. And about half of what we do here at Muni Diaries is collect as much of your weird behavior on Muni as we can. Here’s a roundup of our favorite Muni WTFs from 2014.

  • A lot of our WTFs would be WTF no matter where they took place. Some would even incite a vomitous catastrophe. Witness the Muni rider eating mayonnaise from the jar…blech!

  • Is your cheese blessed? This Muni rider’s cheese has been blessed. Yessir.
  • We really should just get accustomed to some things that people from other, lesser cities would find odd. One of them might just be a Transformers face tattoo, whose owner simultaneously amuses and creeps out his fellow Muni riders.
  • It really did seem for a while there like people were actually, you know, gonna start wearing Google Glass. Bullet: dodged. Except we had to honor this one fella for trying his best.
  • No matter how weird you humans get on Muni, you will never out-weird these winged Muni passengers. Thank God they’re in plastic bags, amirite?
  • There was that brief period in history when the Giants had won only two World Series. It was then that we piggy backed on this decorative pillow that features a burning Muni bus to remind you not to burn Muni buses if the Giants won the World Series (SPOILER*).

Top 10 WTF Muni Moments of 2013

* The Giants won the World Series in 2014.

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  • Rick Hauptman via Facebook

    Dear MUNI drivers, It is very cold out there. Please turn the heat on. And if the heater isn’t working (as so many of you claim) please report this to your dispatcher or manager. Thank you, Rick

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