SF Chronicle to SFMTA: Hop on the transit etiquette bandwagon

Image via The New York Times

Lookthehellout, Bay Area manspreaders!

In a recent editorial, the San Francisco Chronicle discussed our local need for transit etiquette campaigns similar to those we’ve previously reported in cities like New York, Japan, and Paris. Here’s the kicker:

“‘Oh, we’re on it,’ said Paul Rose, spokesman for San Francisco’s Muni. Muni has etiquette tips (like the one about giving up your seat for the elderly and disabled) posted throughout the system, but Rose said that this year it plans to survey riders about their concerns for an expanded campaign.”

Well then, Muni riders, let’s give Mr. Rose and the SFMTA a hand here. Sound off on your top five beefs with other Muni riders. Last time we checked on your pet peeves, the list almost literally went on and on and on …


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