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SFMTA announced yesterday that it will pilot a new smartphone app for paying Muni fare. From the press release:

“This mobile fare payment pilot program is part of our efforts to improve the customer’s experience on the Muni system. With this new app, riders will be able to buy tickets on their phones anywhere and anytime,” said SFMTA Director of Transportation, Ed Reiskin. “Customers will now have another convenient option to pay their Muni fares in addition to cash and Clipper.”

The mobile ticketing platform will allow you to buy, store, and use tickets to ride Muni using a smartphone. No pesky cards, you say? Hear hear, we reply!

According to SFMTA, the Muni mobile payment app will include the following features:

  • Ability to purchase, store, and use single or multiple Muni fares on one mobile device
  • Allow passengers to pay for single-ride fares, cable car rides, and one-day, three-day, and seven-day passports
  • Industry-leading security to protect personal information and payments
  • Multi-language support
  • Responsive eCommerce website for online ticket purchases

… [I]t is part of a broader effort to evaluate smartphone mobile payment options for adjoining Bay Area transit operators that participate in the Clipper card program. The next generation of Clipper card, slated for introduction by 2020, aims to provide multiple payment options to Clipper patrons.


The Muni mobile payment application will initially be available for iOS and Android operating systems and there will be no change in fare structure. Transfers will still be available for those who pay with cash.

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