The Onion, Muni Edition


Oh, The Onion is drawing inspiration from life in San Francisco again with, “Man with Serious Mental Illness Committed to Bus.” Sure, this could prompt a revisit to the piss-pillow incident of 2014 or rightful hand-wringing over the state of mental-health services. But let’s focus on these things instead:

  • Every now and then, a driver will totally look out for all involved when a visibly “disturbed” man is caressing his tool (not what you think) on the bus.
  • I don’t care who you are, an apparently harmless person yelling “My enemy is my enema!” is strangely poetic and kind of a thinker. And it makes for a pretty memorable bus ride, if you ask me.
  • Finally, a tweet from @sdquali that kind of sums it all up: “Bruised, in suits and hoodies, wasted, homeless, coding the side project, making out in the backseat. 38 is how S.F. goes home.”

Image above via The Onion

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