Anti-Islam Muni ads re-imagined ever so awesomely


The Internet Age often has a way of making things work out. Talking more of justice than revenge.

Case in point: We recently told you about these questionable at least, terrible at best totally racist ads that had been popping up on Muni buses all over town. It’s not clear who’s behind the efforts, but according to The Mary Sue:

The ads now feature Kamala Khan, Marvel’s Comics first Muslim character to headline her own comic book with messages against islamophobia, racism and hate speech and a group of protestors calling for more love. Enjoy.

I don’t think I could love this any more than I do.

Scale of 1-10 (10 being puppies and kittens hugging): How awesome is this corrected ad? After all, if the inside of the Muni bus implores us to please love back, perhaps it behooves the outside of the bus to carry the same message.

h/t Muni rider Andy

Photo via Street Cred – Advertising for the People


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