NYC’s Etti-cat would be PURRfect for Muni


From the good people at Gothamist (via Cute Overload), here’s proof that good transit manners and verbose tuxedo cats never go out of style.

Etti-Cat’s original purpose was apparently to discourage New York Subway graffiti in the early 1960s. Walking an arguably strange path from effect to cause, The Man said that this rampant graffiti was the result of the damned kids’ (so, our parents) smoking all the reefer.

Since BART is taking a stand against rude riders and Muni may address qualms over manspreading and other delights, I’d like to suggest stealing this idea, because people obviously care more about cats than infographics.

Not that we don’t have our own etiquette opinions, of course. It’s still bad form to do any kind of nail maintenance (be it filing, clipping, or polishing). Give up your seats for the elderly and the disabled (or even the “handicapped“). You’ll also make more friends if you refrain from disrobing on Muni.

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