The Onion: Anthropologists Classify 43 New Species Of Weirdo Within Subway Ecosystem


The Onion drew a great deal of “ha ha ha ha…awwwwww oh…man” from all San Franciscans with Man with Serious Mental Illness Committed to Bus, and it’s stealing y’alls’ material once again with a new, very real-sounding anthropological classification of “weirdos within subway ecosystem.” To whit:

  • Exit Through the Weirdos—trademark Muni Diaries Live alum and comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan—the most perfect OH/not-OH on Muni to date
  • Muni Metro bondage for the busy (time-strapped, even) commuter
  • Pizzaspreading” because I still just cannot with this guy, so I bring it up every chance I get
  • …and our favorite Muni WTFs of 2014—all the stuff that made us smile, gag, laugh, and cry because San Fran-fucking-cisco


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